The Bach Museum

by blueai2014


The Bach museum is located in Leipzig, Germany. The museum is located in the Bose House, where Bach visited. He was good friends with the Bose family, and lived right across the street with his family. Unfortunately, his original house was destroyed in the early 1900s. The architecture is very much in the style of 16th century architecture. At first, the museum was located in a palace in Leipzig, but due to renovations, it was moved to the Bose Family house. The museum holds some of Bach’s original music as well as some original art and sculptures dating back to the time where Bach lived. There are also places in which the original wallpaper of the hose is still displayed. In the museum, there is also a reconstructed version of Bach’s signature instrument, which is the organ. The museum also has a listening library, where visitors can listen to Bach’s most loved pieces and follow along with the score in hand. Being a music major, I am very excited to visit where Bach spent his time and visited. He is one of the composers that I am more unfamiliar with; so being able to visit this museum will be a real treat and a wonderful educational experience.