The Jewish Museum

by blueai2014


The Jewish Museum of Berlin opened in the year 2001. The museum dedicates its knowledge and its focus to the Jewish people during the Holocaust and to their culture today. It is an independent federal institution. The building was constructed and designed by Daniel Libeskind. The structure of this museum ties in modern architecture with classical elements that is developed in to the modern design. This museum is respected greatly within Central Europe. The museum holds many memorabilia, paintings, and other forms of art to represent the Jewish Culture. Its unique exterior is made to catch the eyes of people who come across it. I am very excited to visit such a respected museum and learn more about the Jewish Culture within Germany during World War II and in the present. In America, rarely do you find this type of architecture; so just being able to see this modern design will be interesting to experience. I am most interested in seeing the old photographs and art that document the lives of those before, during, and after the Holocaust. Photographs became apart of the museum’s display in 2006. They show the social lives of Jewish culture in the times around 1945 and older.,_Berlin