The Museum of Romani Culture

by blueai2014

Museum of Romani Culture in Brno

Museum of Romani Culture in BrnoThe Museum of Romani Culture is located in Brno, Czech Republic. It holds many exhibitions on Romani culture form the past and into the present. According to their website:

“We are a space where different cultures meet. We preserve examples of Romani cultural history as part of Europe´s heritage. We educate the younger generation to be tolerant and appreciate other cultures. We are committed to fighting xenophobia and racism. We are paving the way to a new understanding of the roots of Romani identity. All this we do in the name of mutual understanding. For a dialogue of cultures. For us”

This quotation best describes what this museum is all about. This is a place where cultures come together and learn from each other. The museum also holds community events that are both educational and fun for the Romani people and for the rest of the public.Because of the discrimination that they have and still witness, the willingness to change how they are treated is very high. This museum really tries to bing an understanding to their culture and to help those in need within the Romani culture. It is an educational source as well as a safe place. Their mission is to shed light on their culture and on their struggles in order to create a better and a more understanding society.