The Wachau Valley vineyards & Gasometer City

by blueai2014


The Wachau Valley vineyards are worldly renowned for their wines. The vineyard is located in Austria among the lush greenery and breathtaking mountain views. It is along the Danube river. The valley is a World Heritage Site due to its beauty and the need to preserve its grounds. The types of grapes that are grown in the Wachau Valley vineyards are Grüner Veltliner and Riesling grapes. The vineyard was created in the mid-1980s where the production of white wines grew immensely. I am very excited to witness the beauty that this valley holds and bike along the Danube river. The beauty is endless in an area like this.

Gasometer City is the site in which industrial buildings that housed pants for gas and other materials during the 1900s populated a part of Vienna. Now, these buildings are now eco friendly apartments, malls, studios, and many other occupations. They are labeled A, B, C, and D for various purposes that were used back in the day. Cafe’s reside in some of them as well as local entertainment venues and  restaurants. This is a perfect example of modern architecture within renovations of old buildings in Europe. Their ability to create new designs and eco friendly space in older buildings continue to astound me! I am very excited to visit this new concept of an old space.