by blueai2014

This blog couldn’t be created without the help of my wonderful journal that was created and well updated while on the trip. Even though it is a requirement of the class, I will always live through the trip again through my own words. Ok, now on to the first destination of the trip; Berlin! Berlin was such an amazing city, and the perfect city to start off in. It was the most like the United States. Its architecture was modern with hints of history and age within its character. I was fascinated by the differences between Western and Eastern Germany. Both had extremely different characters that created its own dynamic. The Eastern Germany side still had traces of Communism within its architecture and  layout. It was like I was walking back in time when I was on this side of Germany into a time where color and creativity did not exist. The Western Germany side had a lot more romantic and classical architecture. There, I was able to find more of a history within German traditional culture. I was amazed by the differences between the two “sides” in today’s times. It must of had more of a distinct difference back when Germany was divided. This was my first experience of actually stepping out of the history book and on the actual sites of history.

My favorite academic experience would have to be our visit to the Charlottenburg Palace. It was unlike anything that I have ever seen before. I had never been to a palace before, but I have always been interested in their history and their function in society. We were able to tour the palace at our own pace with the use of tour guided headsets. Each room was magnificent! The artwork that resided within each room was unbelievable. The detail was so important during that time when they were creating the palace, and mist if it shows. Even though it wasn’t in Paris, it reminded me of the movie Marie Antoinette. The beauty was endless in the palace walls. One of my favorite activities was attending the Berlin Philharmonic concert. We got seats right behind the percussion section. It truly was a night that I will never forget. As a music major, I was in awe of the music and talent that surrounded me that night. What a magical evening.

For a restaurant, I would have to recommend the Prater Garten. The group went their for our last meal in Berlin. The food provided was traditional German cuisine. This was some of the best food on the trip, in my opinion!