The Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall divided Germany into two different sections. The sections were known as Eastern Germany and Western Germany. The wall was built to control immigration policies and issues that were being had in Germany. Many people form Eastern Germany were fleeing to Western Germany. Therefore, the wall was built “over night” in order to keep those fleeing from the east side of Germany from doing so. After the wall was built, the living conditions on both sides seemed to contrast each other. It was like living in two different countries. Western Germany set a capitalized system that led to economic and communal growth. Eastern Germany was much different. It had developed under a communist system that was brought upon the Soviet Union. For the East, their personal, political, and economic freedoms were severely restricted. The Berlin Wall symbolized not only the physical component that divided Germany, but a personal and cultural divided between Eastern and Western Germany. I am very excited to be visiting the Berlin Wall on my travels to Germany during the travel seminar. I find that by witnessing such an important part in history, I will be able to really understand and grasp onto what life was like during the times when the Berlin was still in use.